Even after a new system launch – or in this case, two new system launches – things always seem to calm down a bit in December. ­čÖé

I understand microtransactions but I really don't like slippery slopes

Sony confirmed the Gran Turismo 6 microtransaction prices and not long after, boss man Shuhei Yoshida explained that the concept of microtransactions involves "busy people." Now, I understand that. I really do. For a huge game like GT6, which will require hours and hours of dedication in order to earn enough credits to unlock the best cars, not everyone has the time. And yet, everyone who buys the game certainly wants to test out the greatest vehicles the world has to offer. Some may say it's cheating, others may say it's exploitation by taking more of your money, but in truth, it's just a way of jumping ahead in a game. You're paying for a cheat code.

Remember all those old games where cheats and codes were a big deal? And remember how so many of them gave you infinite money for a given game? That's really all this is. They're charging you for it, yes, but that's business. If nobody pays for it, the business fails and that's that. If people do pay for it, then that's the only justification business requires. And yet, the slippery slope is obvious- at what point do we say a microtransaction feels necessary in order to effectively progress in a game? At what point do we feel like we have to fork over more money in order to earn a better game experience? That's what worries me.

Deus Ex better NOT become an MMO

I'm as excited as anyone for the next series entry, which is apparently called Deus Ex: Universe . However, the title sort of implies that the game might be a MMO of sorts; at the very least, it may involve a persistent world with multiplayer interaction at the forefront. I get that this is the ongoing trend, I get that many future big titles feature similar elements. Look at Destiny , The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt , and many others. I'm sure many such titles will be fantastic but Deus Ex: Human Revolution does not need to go in that direction. Human Revolution featured an excellent blend of linear storytelling and a bit of exploration and player freedom. RPG-like customization and other elements mixed really well with the narrative.

That's what we've come to expect from Deus Ex . That's what makes the franchise great. Let's not abandon that which makes something great, shall we? If everything starts to give in to trends and fads and "what's hot," we'll end up with a bazillion titles that all feel…exactly…the…same.

Personal gaming update

For now, it's all about Gran Turismo 6 . I can't say anything about it just yet but as you might expect, the gearheads out there will love it. I'll also freely admit that I had quite a bit of fun with FIFA 14 but when all is said and done, I'm just not a soccer fan. Besides, I've still got plenty to play, and I want to try catching up on a few more reviews. There's not much else coming out this month, so it'll give me a chance to get stuff done. Also, I will remind everyone that if you own a Vita and haven't yet played Tearaway , you owe it to yourself to give it a try. I beat it and didn't regret one minute of it. It's just so impossible to put down!

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