The PlayStation 4 has been out for over a week now. What's your take on Sony's new console? Love it?

The Last Guardian had better be freakin' amazing

For the most part, I'm the most patient human alive. I'm especially patient when it comes to waiting for anticipated games; admittedly, this is partly due to my lack of time. I have no problem waiting for something because I always have plenty to play. However, when it comes to projects like The Last Guardian , delays sort of irritate me. This is the kind of game we need ; the type of experience the industry demands ; in the midst of constant shooters and balls-to-the-wall action games, Guardian is like a beacon. For those who want more substance in their gaming, for those who desire something beyond flashy graphics and ceaseless explosions and gunfire, this is a game that sits atop their priority list. This is a game that calls to them.

So, it's nice that Ueda has apologized and I do believe in the sincerity of that apology. However, if there's one game on the horizon that could've done without the "vaporware" label, it's this one. I think Journey proved just how badly avid gamers occasionally seek a relaxing reprieve from the standard blockbuster insanity. I believe The Last Guardian represents a style and form of gameplay that may be on life support in the coming years. Hence, let me say this- I appreciate the apology but get it here ASAP.

The availability of next-gen consoles is saving them right now

I do think the launches in question were rushed, as evidenced by my recent op-ed . However, despite any hardware issues and lackluster launch lineups, both systems tallied over 1 million units in just 24 hours (and yes, I realize the Xbox One released in many more countries). Perhaps most telling is GameStop's announcement concerning the PS4 eclipsing the PS3 . And we're not just talking about surpassing; think about it: The PS4 only needed one week to sell as many consoles as the PS3 sold in its first three months . Now, that doesn't mean the PS4 is eons better. It really doesn't. All it means is that there were actually PS4 units to sell . Same goes for the Xbox One, or so it would appear.

See, hardcore gamers are often willing to risk getting a busted system, they're willing to deal with a less-than-impressive launch lineup…they just want in on a new generation ASAP. They just weren't allowed in early last time around because Sony and Microsoft simply didn't make anywhere near enough consoles out of the gate. All of this justifies what I've been saying for months leading up to the launch of these consoles: Availability is the #1 most important thing for any new console launch.

Personal gaming update

I know that it's just a multiplatform, cross-gen game and it's not necessarily revolutionary, but I think too many people are passing on Need for Speed: Rivals . The game is fun . And given the lack of super compelling titles for either the PS4 or Xbox One out of the gate, shouldn't we be welcoming such titles? As for Contrast , it's too bad that such an excellent concept is mired beneath a mediocre technical presentation. The control is just silly loose. However, I still urge those who really love the idea to give it a try. At the very least, it is fresh and new.

Next on the PS4 review agenda is Resogun and FIFA 14 , and I have to remember that Gran Turismo 6 is only a couple weeks away. These massive games are just plain painful when you're trying to do a ton of reviews. ­čÖü

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