Naughty Dog delivered two stellar IPs this generation. But the question now is: Which do you want to see more on the fancy new PlayStation 4?

If the games are taking turns, Uncharted 4 is next up for the talented developer. And I really can't think of a PS4 exclusive I want more at this point. Then again, The Last Of Us was so mind-bogglingly good that it's difficult to make a definitive choice.

But let's not forget that if Naughty Dog does another story in the TLoU universe, the game might not be called "The Last Of Us 2." They seem a little reluctant to produce a true sequel because they say the Joel and Ellie storyline is complete. That doesn't mean they can't do another adventure in the same universe, but it does indicate that they be unsure of exactly how to proceed. And that's just fine with me; I'm in no hurry. Greatness should never be rushed. Besides, I think Uncharted 4 is the game with better system-selling potential, and that's critical for a new piece of hardware. Uncharted 4 for holiday 2014? Huge.

I can just imagine what Naughty Dog can and will do with the PS4… They blew us all away time and time again over the past six years, and I can't wait to see what they do next.

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