When the PlayStation 4 was first announced back in February, everyone loved it. They started to love it even more as developers everywhere began praising Sony's new console to high heaven.

Then came the agreeable price, a promising launch lineup, and a variety of other features that really went over well with the gaming populace. The Xbox One debuted to largely negative headlines generated by policies many consumers found downright offensive, such as the DRM crap, mandatory Kinect, etc. Of course, Microsoft rescinding those policies certainly helped their cause, so that's part of the reason why the Xbox One has been catching up to the PS4 since summer.

We've finally reached the point where some analysts are expecting the Xbox One to outsell the PS4 in the US during the holiday season. Granted, it'll still be close, but the way things were looking around April or May…it was not gonna be close. So, the question is: How has the Xbox One managed to close the gap in the past few months? There have been more Xbox One pre-orders tallied in the US since late August, and don't forget that the price remains $100 more than the PS4. What's going on?

Well, it took a while for gamers to warm back up to Microsoft after the initial announcement debacle, and one could make the claim (especially now after Driveclub was delayed) that the Xbox One launch lineup is a little better than the PS4's. Furthermore, more advertising has been kicking in big time for Microsoft's console; I'm starting to see it everywhere now. Lastly, as Microsoft has a stranglehold on the casual/mainstream market, and that market doesn't respond as quickly to breaking news in the industry, that group is just now jumping on the Xbox One bandwagon. Many of the hardcore are still very much on board with the PS4, as indicated by at least one recent consumer study , but that's not exactly the majority.

Well, regardless, it'll be quite the war.