Why not go for the trifecta early on?

There was a lot of buzz around Heavy Rain this generation; buzz isn't to be confused with hype. Many thought it was just too different to even be called a video game. Skeptics watched some scenes on Youtube, labeled it a QTE-ridden movie and wrote it off. However, most sane critics gave it a big thumbs up and most Playstation fans who took a chance on Quantic were pleased with their decision.

Recently QD's second entry on PS3 has made a surprisingly mixed debut. I just finished Beyond Two Souls and while it does run into some hitches that Heavy Rain didn't have it is clear to me that the main purpose behind the game (emotionally involving us in a moving and compelling narrative) is a successful endeavor. Despite the mixed reviews and probably a good dash of hate from conservative gameplay types I think Beyond will end up with about as much success as Heavy Rain , which was profitable against the odds.

Before these two much talked about entries, there was a game alternately called Indigo Prophecy or Fahrenheit depending on where you lived. It was not a Sony exclusive and actually released on both PS2 and Xbox. After finishing Beyond I went back to my old save and began playing it again just to play something from Quantic that was still new for me. You know what? All in all, it holds up pretty well.

Actually I think it occupies a fascinating middle ground between generations that fans of Heavy Rain and Beyond would probably like to experience without having to go back to old hardware. While Quantic Dream's original effort Omikron: The Nomad Soul had some flashes of brilliance, Indigo Prophecy is really the first that possesses that patented cinematic tenseness that I haven't experienced anywhere else but from this studio. The plot is actually a bit of a mix of the two PS3 games since it surrounds a series of murders and includes the supernatural. The gameplay is a heady mix of experiments that are at once charmingly innocent and incredibly inspired. Some of those experiments fail amusingly while others succeed thrillingly. In fact I wish some of its mechanics had been improved instead of jettisoned. It is the Quantic Dream we know and love in a larval stage of pure potentiality.

Unfortunately Indigo Prophecy sold very few copies in its day but now that Cage has made something of a name for himself in the industry I believe it would be a win/win scenario to find a way to get an HD version done and released either on current or next gen hardware.

Whatever The Dark Sorcerer will become it will likely take more time than Beyond took. Since Indigo Prophecy was a third party game it could even be released on a Microsoft console for needed sales and to generate interest among gamers in forthcoming PS4 products. The last time I checked many Xbox gamers were keen on any reason to make the big console switch.

For Quantic Dream: Indigo Prophecy finally gets the attention it deserves, for us: we get a Quantic Dream game most people missed in beautiful HD. And if Sony wanted to create a special edition QD trilogy pack for PS4, who would really complain?

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