Let's face it: Duke Nukem Forever was an absolute travesty. It just was.

Most times, when games bomb, that's that. We really don't hear much about them. But in this particular case, there's a lot more to consider.

Firstly, we're talking about an iconic franchise, a series that helped blaze the first-person shooter trail. Secondly, DNF took 13 damn years to come to fruition; we first heard about it way back in the late 90s and it didn't arrive until 2011. Hell, this is the game that brought about the word "vaporware." Thirdly, there's no doubt that we've got some supremely talented developers in the world of first-person shooters, so it's a given that a great team could produce a great Duke Nukem title.

The question is, should they? Maybe it's just better to let the IP die a merciful death. I mean, this was the failure of all failures. There have been many anticipated games that flopped, but I don't think any flopped quite as badly, especially not after that long of a waiting period. I guess Daikatana was close for PCers but that's about it. DNF had been dubbed "Did Not Finish" and honestly, it would've been better off if no developer had finished it. But is it wrong to just let it slip away into oblivion? Don't we owe it to Duke to try again? It'd be perfect because FPSs are taking themselves awfully seriously these days; I miss concepts like Serious Sam , for instance.

And nothing is more tongue-in-cheek than Duke. But if they do try again, there can be no failure. It has to be great, and it can't take a bazillion years to finish. If we have to go through that again, it'll be torture for the IP in question and it will go down in the annals of history as a sh**** franchise. And that ain't fair. If a good team could appropriately resurrect it, though…

It's a quandary.

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