Not everyone likes the same things, and quality is almost irrelevant when it's not your particular cup of tea.

So, if Grand Theft Auto isn't up your alley, if you've never been able to get into the franchise, we want to know: Why?

GTAV is pretty damn fantastic and represented several big leaps forward for both Rockstar and the award-winning series. Anybody who claims it doesn't do enough in terms of mechanical, control or narrative advancement as compared to past entries is just plain blind. The improvements and upgrades are countless, especially when we're talking about the immensely detailed virtual world that is GTA. But that doesn't mean everyone's gonna like it. It could get 10s from all the critics and that wouldn't change your mind; you know that if you tried it, you still wouldn't like it, no matter how hard you tried.

So, here's your chance to explain why. Maybe you just never understood the appeal of sandbox games and they're not your thing. Maybe you just don't like the subject matter in GTA; if you're going to go open-world, you'll opt for The Elder Scrolls or something. Then again, maybe you really do get offended at the overt displays of sex and violence, and you'd rather not be part of it. Perfectly understandable. But speak up!