Two things I know to be true:

Firstly, after having produced for the newspapers, and being an avid reader of great print publications, I know video game journalism is still well behind on the quality curve. Secondly, I also know that game journalists have come a long way since the days of Nintendo Power and simple blogging.

But it remains a fact that most journalists in other industries consider game journalists to be second-class citizens in the world of writing and publishing. I understand that many of these individuals are simply behind the times, and they still think all video game journalists are teenagers just playing at journalism while living in their parents' basements. If the mainstream media is any indication, journalists who cover other venues are hopelessly clueless about this industry.

Still, we're definitely behind. So, in your estimation, what must we do to get better? I have plenty of ideas but this is more about the gamers, the readers, those who visit websites and read articles all the time. What most needs improving? How can we mature? Does it make sense to adopt strict AP-style policies, even when attempting to engage and manage a community? Does the Internet change things so drastically that "journalism" actually takes on a whole new meaning in the digital space? What do you find off-putting or disreputable in a journalist? What sites do you avoid, and which sites do you trust for your news, reviews, etc?

I have may own theories but I want to know what everyone else thinks.