September 15. Exactly two months from now, and the PlayStation 4 will be available…as I still remember the PS1 launch relatively well, I can scarcely believe it. ­čśë

Not sure about GT7 coming out so soon after GT6

I love me some Gran Turismo , but I'm not sold on what I heard from Polyphony Digital boss and GT creator Kazunori Yamauchi this past week. He said that Gran Turismo 7 for the PS4 was only about "a year or two away" and that just seems…weird. GT6 launches on December 6 and even if it ended there, it'd still be a little strange to have the next full installment due in less than two years. But there's also the very good possibility that GT6 might come to the PS4 in 2014, which means the gap would be even smaller. One of the reasons that this franchise has always produced system-selling installments is because we usually have to wait for each stellar entry.

But with one coming so soon after the other, I wonder a few things. First, I wonder if people will pass on GT6 on the PS3, then pass on GT6 on the PS4, if they know GT7 isn't too far off. Second, I wonder if the racing fans will actually wait on purchasing the PS4 until they see a confirmed GT7. I know not all of you are part of the driving/car enthusiast crowd, but let me tell you this- all those people noticed this news and now they've got questions. Lastly, let's not forget that you can play GT games for a long time. We don't need them to come out every other year (or whatever).

This was actually my favorite PS4 news thus far

I'm not a tech geek or a graphics whore. I figure the PS4 and Xbox One will have pretty similar-looking games, especially during the first year or two. I love the fact that Sony's new console is much more developer-friendly. But I have to say, I think my favorite news is hearing SCEA boss Jack Tretton say that PS4 production yields have been "phenomenal." Yeah, it's true that they're holding some systems back from pre-orders to have a few to actually sell on launch day. One could argue that this kills off a little early hype, because only so many are immediately available to pre-orderers. But I've always said that if there could actually be a few consoles for regular consumers to buy on launch day, the PlayStation brand would get off to a much faster start. Availability is key; I've been saying that all year.

I think when something new comes out, and the mainstream consumer can't buy it, that product is still viewed as being part of a special club. In some ways, I guess that's cool. But it just builds on the stereotype that video games are still only for "certain people." Sure, meeting production demands can be tough, especially with something like the PS3 where the components are so damn expensive and rare. But the PS4 isn't like that. So, there's no reason why at least some PS4s can't be available to purchase on day one. There won't be many, I'm sure, but even one or two in a store can pique people's interest. Otherwise, they just wave their hand and go, "Oh, another video game system nobody will be able to buy for months."

Personal gaming update

I wish I could say I've finished the great Splinter Cell: Blacklist so now I'm ready for Grand Theft Auto V . Unfortunately, between the weekend trip to San Francisco last weekend, and being away again all this weekend (my girlfriend's sister is getting married), I just haven't had the time. My Vita got some solid play time, though, so that's good. And I really liked Killzone: Mercenary . I understand that my review may make it sound better than the 8.2 score implies, but I've slowly been trying to embrace a more realistic 10-point scale. I really don't like that people see scores of 7.5 and say the game sucks. That makes absolutely zero sense and it has long since bugged me, so I've made a conscious effort to shift a little.

Anyway, GTAV should be in my hands by Tuesday, so I'll be ready for an epic review when the times comes. That's probably my most anticipated title of 2013, just 'cuz I'm a huge GTA fan. And I might finally have a little time to play it, too, if my weekends can get back to normal. ­čÖé

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