God of War: Ascension wasn't a bad game. In fact, it was a great game.

Let's not make the mistake of saying the latest entry was "crap" just because it didn't haul down the mid-9s we're so accustomed to seeing for every new GoW installment. However, given the fact that Ascension did feel a touch lackluster when compared with previous entries, what do you expect to see when God of War eventually makes its return?

Bear in mind that it'll be the first GoW of a new generation, and this is one franchise that has always tried to push the technical envelope. Therefore, when they do announce a new title, I'm immediately expecting visual superiority. I'd want Sony Santa Monica to embrace the PlayStation 4 and take advantage of that extra power, thereby resulting in a stunning – albeit insanely gory – production. But what about that enduring bald protagonist, Kratos? Are we sticking with him or what? There have been times when we expected him to disappear forever but he isn't gone yet.

I don't think there's any doubt that God of War remains a critically important franchise for Sony, and action aficionados everywhere count GoW as one of the very best IPs of all time. Perhaps the new GoW will be one of the first must-have titles for the PS4…well, depending on when it finally hits store shelves. I do know that God of War III was a damn good reason to pick up the PS3, so couldn't the next GoW prove to be a system-selling title for the PS4? I think it has a great chance of being just that.

What do you think?

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