We're seeing a lot of old classics get the high-definition treatment. And I ain't complaining.

There's the recently released DuckTales Remastered , and you'll soon see Castle of Illusion HD . And these are only the most recent examples. So, what's next on the list? What classic title do you want to see redone?

Personally, I want a high-def iteration of Mutant League Football , one of the most entertaining and under-appreciated video games of all time. If they do an update, they really need to add some gore, too; you know, a bit of blood and guts whenever one of the players bites the dust. And maybe they could toss in a few more interesting booby traps on the field; remember accidentally discovering land mines and stuff like that? It was just so much fun and the fact that it played a little like Madden sold it for me. I played the hell out of that game!

I also want to see a true HD remake of Rygar . I know they did a new version ( Rygar: The Legendary Adventure ) back in the early PS2 days, but I want a high-def overhaul of the original 2D side-scroller. That game was one of the first that actually made me love side-scrollers; it had such great style. Come to think of it, I also want a remake of Earl Weaver's Baseball ; I remember playing entire seasons on my old IBM/Tandy. The computer could barely run it, but that was half the fun! I totally mastered that game, too, and I'd love to see it return. Might be too old, though.

What's on your remake list?