We've often used this term to define certain games, but I'm starting to wonder if it actually has a concrete definition.

I think the majority of people just assume that a "guilty pleasure" game is one that the critics basically hated and you really like. But then there's a very large group of people who say it's not based on critical acclaim (or lack thereof), but on the nature of the game itself. So, if a game is exceedingly stupid and juvenile and you just can't stop playing, you might feel a little guilty; hence, the "guilty pleasure" label. Still others take it even more personally and say that it relates to their friends and family; if they all think a game is stupid but you love it.

Thing is, I'm not sure anybody should be feeling "guilty" for enjoying themselves when participating in their favorite hobby. What the hell difference does it make what anyone else thinks or says? Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball wasn't a great game. It didn't serve much purpose besides the obvious. But for whatever reason, after the developer called it the world's first "leisure game," I realized that I always relaxed when playing it. Could've been the setting (sandy beaches and quiet coves) or the fact that I never felt rushed or pressured, or the swimsuits. Who the heck knows? I just know I liked it.

But I never felt guilty for liking it. Have there been games where you've actually felt guilty because you had fun with them? And if so, why?

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