Not a lot happens in the video game industry during the summer. So let's spice things up.

Let's say you're planning on purchasing the PlayStation 4 this holiday season. …or let's just say you want to win some cold hard cash. Either way, we suggest you pay attention.

We're holding a one-month competition of sorts, which begins today and will run through the middle of August. We won't give you an exact ending date 'cuz we want you to act sooner rather than later. But you've got several weeks, anyway, and all you have to do is this-

Become part of the PSXE community in a variety of ways. The assembled community here is the source of much pride, and it remains our trademark. Therefore, if you want to be considered for the grand prize, all you have to do is get involved; i.e., follow us on Twitter , Like us on Facebook , and sign up for our newsletter , which typically goes out twice a week. With a few simple clicks, you'll be registered into the random drawing.

Thing is, you won't know from whence we'll select the winner's name, so you should probably do it all. Maybe we'll choose from our Twitter followers, maybe from Facebook…or maybe we'll see someone participating a lot in the Comments on the main page, or in our Forums . Maybe we'll notice that you've contributed a few User Reviews here and there. Who knows? The point is that we want you to join the PSXE family if you haven't already. The only caveat is that you must be a US citizen to be eligible.

And the winner will receive this- $120 ; we figure that's $100 off the price of the PS4, and $20 to pick up something on the PlayStation Network. But this isn't gift cards; it's money. You can do whatever the hell you want with it. And the best part? If we get a great turnout, we'll do it again for August . There. Summer is a little more exciting now, isn't it? ­čśë

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