I really despise the heat. Give me winter any day…well, winter without giant massive blizzards.

Of course Quantic Dream's games are "games"

I've actually heard that ridiculous theory before; the idea that games like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls aren't actually "video games."

It's utterly ridiculous, and I have absolutely no issue with David Cage dismissing the subject . He has probably heard it way too many times already, and I imagine it has long since grown irritating. Just because we're not shooting a gun or in constant control of the on-screen action suddenly means it's not a game? What is it then? If anyone says it's a "movie," I'll just scream. I always wanted to scream when I heard that idiotic statement concerning some of the Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy titles in the past. Just because they have lengthy FMV/CGI sequences. Of course, no FF had more than a few hours of combined non-interactive scenes, and the actual gameplay length would be upwards of 30 and 40 hours, but somehow the "movie" label stuck.

It's just ADD syndrome. People who can't take their fingers off the controller for more than two minutes or they start to get bored. People who have no interest in the artistic side of gaming, which is exactly what studios like Quantic Dream really attempt to emphasize. You are interacting with a drama; you are determining what happens. This is nothing but digital interactive entertainment; i.e., video games . If we want to progress at all, we need to leave behind archaic principles as to what constitutes a "game."

That Sony boss hit the nail on the head

Microsoft has reversed their used game DRM and 24-hour online check-in policies for the Xbox One, but that hasn't exactly resulted in a sudden love-fest for the machine. In fact, many are just as annoyed as ever, primarily because they believe Microsoft showed exactly who they were right off the bat. What they first announced really was the console they fully intended to release this year. It essentially proved that they A. don't know anything about the core gaming public, and B. don't give a damn one way or the other. They really believed everyone would just suck it up and accept those ridiculous policies. After all, it's Xbox. It owns the US. Everyone in this country buys Xbox because we have a lot of sheep as consumers. And while that sadly remains true, they completely misread the hardcore gamers.

So what if they recanted? As Sony boss Fergal Gara said this week : In business, what you do first reflects what you plan to do for the customer. What you do second is for you . The "take back" was damage control, pure and simple, and MS actually had the gall to celebrate it. As if to say, "Look, we listened!" No, you didn't. You saw what was happening and realized that maybe, just maybe, Xbox wasn't invincible, and you had to act fast. Just freakin' admit it already.

Personal gaming update

Just so The Last Of Us would endure for a bit longer, I decided to run through Castlevania: Symphony of the Night again. It has reached the point where I can unlock all 200.6% of the map without even looking at the map to search for secret rooms. I know where they all are. I also have a cleared game file on the memory card, so I can get all sorts of cheating goodies… It's why I end up walking around with the Crissaegrim, Fist of Tulkas, Wizard Hat, God's Garb, and two Rings of Varda. LOL However, I have to say, I have no idea why it takes so damn long for the Fire Demon to drop Marsil. I don't even use the sword; I just like to have it in my inventory when I play through. And it seems to be a rarer drop that the Ring of Varda!

Anyway, Deadpool was mildly enjoyable but it just had too many mechanical issues. And that character was just juvenile and aggravating to the nth degree. It's too bad, too…the game was kinda fun for a while. You should see a review for NCAA Football 14 this week, and I'll try to get to Hotline Miami as well. The latter just looks so retro cool!

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