As we look forward to another generation, we like to take a look back and reflect.

In this case, we want to know- How was your PlayStation 3 experience over the past six or seven years? In terms of reliability, how did you fare?

During the first part of the generation, we often heard reports of the "YLoD" (Yellow Light of Death) that crippled some of the original 60GB "fatty" systems. Supposedly, the issue was even more prevalent in the 20GB models. However, according to retail statistics, this malfunction was nowhere near as widespread or prevalent as the Xbox 360's "RRoD" (Red Ring of Death). At one point, major retailers were reporting 360 failure rates of around 30%, which is catastrophic.

But that doesn't mean the YLoD didn't exist; did it happen to you? Did it happen more than once? Did a firmware update nail your system at one point? How about disc read errors? Games freezing and crashing? I really can't complain about my experience, as I've had two PS3s and I only got the 120GB Slim because I wanted to upgrade; my launch machine (the 60GB one) was fine. The Slim has been fine ever since as well, and I've never had a firmware update do anything bad to either machine. As for game crashes and freezing, that's exceedingly rare and of course, that has something to do with game developers, too.

But I tend to be lucky with my consoles, anyway. I don't think I've ever had one die, dating all the way back to the NES. Well, something in the original PlayStation broke – had something to do with the CD reading mechanism – but my father actually fixed it and it always worked after that. I never had an issue with any PS2 I ever had, either. Then again, I take very good care of my machines, so that might have something to do with it…I still think it's amazing that my 360, which I got back in 2006, lasted the whole way. ­čśë

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