Apparently, Microsoft thinks all gamers have terrible memories.

Xbox executive Albert Penello has said it's basically "meaningless" to compare system specifications between two consoles, because as he told OXM , "this isn't like 1990, when it was 16-bit versus 32-bit." …is this guy serious?

Well, on the one hand, he has a point. Two points, in fact. Power and capability doesn't sell consoles; games sell consoles. Secondly, times have indeed changed and the power comparison isn't as cut-and-dry as it once was. But this guy has some nerve in saying comparing specs is "meaningless," because I distinctly recall the original Xbox's primary marketing campaign. Don't you remember it? It was part of the slogan. It was part of many ads. "The most powerful game system ever made" was repeated incessantly during the Xbox/PlayStation generation. And hey, as the Xbox essentially had no games , they sort of had to pin their hopes on power.

But you can't pull a complete 180 years later, just because you're no longer in an advantageous position in the marketplace. And you certainly can't claim you're "all about games" when you've lost the exclusive software battle in each of the past generations. You lost it by a landslide, and that was after you stole away a bunch of PlayStation exclusives by bribing developers and publishers. Then, you start hearing about designers saying the PS4 is more powerful, and you make some absurd comparison to 1990? As if power and raw capability is a total non-issue…? Okay.

I will always put the software before the hardware. You could have the most powerful game machine in the world; without great titles to go along with it, it's just a really fancy paperweight. But these MS executives should really think before they speak. We already know they think all gamers are a bunch of saps; a bunch of sheep; a bunch of lapdogs. We have ample evidence of that with the whole DRM and "24-hour check-in" fiasco, don't we? So now they insult everyone's intelligence (and long-term memories) by making that kind of statement? I mean, it's just ridiculous.

Wow, never thought you could embarrass yourselves further, Microsoft. But you managed. I shouldn't have underestimated you.