With all the debates concerning used games, I have to assume it's a critically important subject for most gamers.

But to be perfectly honest, I don't think I'd care if they dropped off the face of the earth tomorrow. I mean, I just don't get the appeal. Thing is, if I want a game, I usually get it within a week of it coming out and at that point, I'll only save $5 for the used copy. To me, I don't see a gigantic difference between $60 and $55, especially if one is brand-spanking new for only $5 more.

Of course, some used games are $10 cheaper or something like that, and I know GameStop's PowerUp Rewards initiative grants you an extra percentage. So maybe that's enough to really entice people. But even if I wanted to wait for a game; if it wasn't so important to me and I planned to pick it up later, why am I buying it used? It's less, anyway. If it's $30 new eight months after it comes out, okay. I'm also not convinced that GameStop looks at traded-in disks closely enough, and I know a lot of friends who have had to go through several copies of the same game.

I'm just not interested in dealing with some of the snafus that can come with pre-owned products, especially when the difference in price is pretty minimal. Besides, if it's a gift or something, who wants to buy a used present? I've never really understood the big draw of pre-owned games but I know lots who love it. …well, okay.

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