Well, it was the week that saw PlayStation become the industry's darling and the Xbox One become the industry's punch line. In all honesty, I never would've expected it.

It's hard not to like the PS4

The PlayStation 4 is one of the hottest items out there. And why? Sony seems to have made all the right moves and choices, while Microsoft made all the wrong ones. The list of positives is pretty comprehensive: Sony's console will cost $100 less than the new Xbox, the PS4 will have no DRM and no required Internet connection , that 8GB of GDDR5 RAM is a developer's dream , and that 500GB hard drive can be upgraded .

The result of all this appreciated news- raised internal sales projections , a GameStop Facebook fan vote that is ridiculously lopsided , and immediate pre-order interest . It has been a very busy and productive week for Sony and the PlayStation brand and it'll be interesting to see how Microsoft responds. Maybe they don't care, though. Maybe they'll just count on the casuals to flock to the Xbox because it's all they know. And sadly, that's very possible.

Can we assume that The Last Guardian is a PS4 exclusive now?

When people start talking about the upcoming exclusives for the PS4, I'm starting to automatically think of The Last Guardian . I was a little worried when Sony initially said it was "on hiatus" but apparently, it's still in development . Well, whatever, it's obviously a long ways off. And I've had the sneaking suspicion that somewhere along the way, the developers were told to switch their efforts to the PS4. I don't think Sony wanted to release such a high-profile exclusive IP on the PS3 in 2014. I think they want to make that generational transition ASAP, and I believe The Last Guardian is too important to leave behind. Besides, there's something else to consider:

It has always been said in development circles that Fumito Ueda isn't an easy man to work for. His ambition is often extremely high…sometimes too high. What if the PS3 simply couldn't handle that vision? What if it just made more sense to transfer it to the PS4? More powerful new hardware could give Ueda and Co. precisely what they want, and they wouldn't have to make any sacrifices. At this point, it just seems inevitable that one of the most anticipated exclusives of the generation will become one of the most anticipated exclusives of the next generation.

Personal gaming update

I'm doing everything I can to savor The Last Of Us . The problem is that the game is so good, it's extremely difficult to stop playing. Besides, with E3 over, I've got a little extra time, so all I really want to do is finish. However, I have little interest in any title until Grand Theft Auto V in mid-September, so I've got all sorts of time to savor! Then I really might embrace a blast from the past; Final Fantasy VII , Final Fantasy Tactics , or Castlevania: Symphony of the Night perhaps. Three of my favorite games of all time and I haven't revisited any of them for a couple years. That just feels wrong somehow. 😉 What games do you typically return to?

I'll also be playing more of Time and Eternity , so look for that review at some point. I think JRPG fans will enjoy it, but I can't say any more until I get farther along. Lastly, just in case Sony doesn't have enough PS4s to send to the press, I've pre-ordered mine. I may consider trading in my Xbox 360 and all the games, too. I'll be putting the PS4 in its place in the entertainment center, and I really can't see myself going back to play any 360 games. I've never felt the urge to go back and play any title from either of the Xbox generations. So maybe it should go bye-bye.

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