This generation will soon be drawing to a close, so now it's time to ask: What were the best franchises of the current generation? Pick 'em out.

Everyone always asks about individual games, but this is referring to the IPs with multiple installments that continued to blow everyone away. How would you rank them?

Personally, it begins and ends with Uncharted , as far as I'm concerned. Nothing is really even close; two of the three iterations in this acclaimed franchises are absolutely in the top five of the entire generation, in my opinion. And the first was certainly worthy of an elite 9+ score, too.

I think I'd go with Bioshock second, because all three of those games have been excellent as well, and the latest ( Bioshock Infinite ) easily qualifies as one of the single best games of the past six or seven years. Assassin's Creed would probably be third, especially because Assassin's Creed II and Brotherhood remain two of the most accomplished and addicting games I've played in a long time, and Assassin's Creed III , despite some popular backlash, was yet another masterful production in my eyes. Black Flag is pushing it, though. Ubisoft should've taken a year off.

But what about LittleBigPlanet ? I mean, minus that kart racing game, there were two fantastic games for the PS3 and another awesome one for the Vita. In fact, if you check the scores, LBP, LBP2 and LBP Vita might have the highest average review scores behind Uncharted . Halo would've qualified if Halo 4 didn't feel so outrageously outdated to me, and I'd also like to put Gears of War on there, even though Uncharted outstripped it in every possible way. Oh, and while I'm not a fan, Mass Effect is a definite contender for the best franchise of the generation, isn't it?

If Batman: Arkham Origins is awesome, that'll be the third amazing Batman game of the generation, which means it would have to be near the top of the list. And I suppose you could make a case for MGS, even though the spin-off, Revengeance , might bring it down a little. I mean, it was a great game, but not as good as the likes of MGS4 and Peace Walker , I don't think. So, what other franchises could be considered the best of the best?