E3 isn't far off now and after that, we should know everything we need to know about the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One…right?

It'll be fun to see Square Enix try to explain Versus XIII's absence

We got to see the completion percentages for four current Final Fantasy projects and Versus XIII wasn't included. That, of course, is because it doesn't actually exist. And if it does, it has obviously shifted to the new generation or it's completely different…maybe it's Final Fantasy XV now. There were rumors to that effect before. The really funny part about this whole thing is Square Enix's new business strategies moving forward. They said they don't want to keep people in the dark anymore. They said they believe that going years without providing any concrete information is "being dishonest."

Okay. So, when are we going to hear about their explanation concerning Versus XIII ? You may notice that they've never actually given us an explanation ; they've only given us vague updates without any details concerning actual development progress. If you consider their new stance on keeping gamers updated, how exactly can you provide a status progression update without Versus XIII ? Answer- It does…not…exist. Either that, or it's so far off into the future that it doesn't matter right now.

Will all PS4 games supporting Remote Play really help the Vita?

I don't think there's any doubt that it'll help a little , but will this mandate significantly increase Vita sales? It was confirmed this past week that any game made for the PS4 – with the exception of those that require the PlayStation Eye – must also support Remote Play . That's the function that lets you put PS4 games on the Vita, although of course, there is some scaling back involved. My question with Remote Play has always been the same, though: Do people really want to keep playing a game on the Vita after they've stopped on the PS3? Or in this case, the PS4? You're sacrificing a lot of quality, certainly, and you're also sacrificing a whole lot in the way of screen size. I suppose it makes sense from a portable perspective but…

Look, I think the Vita really needs its own games to truly succeed. It needs its own AAA killer apps that make consumers go, "you know, I should really get that thing." The PSP carved out its own niche in the market and the Vita should, too, although I'm not exactly sure how . I just know that Remote Play isn't something I think about too often, nor will I consider it very often when I've got the PS4. Will you?

Personal gaming update

I finally completed my 100% play-through of Tomb Raider . It wasn't especially hard but it was pretty time-consuming, although I loved most every second of it. It's too bad that Square Enix had such out-of-whack sales expectations, because I'm worried that Crystal Dynamics won't make a follow-up. This was a prequel and a reboot, so we need that follow-up with the new Lara (who's easily the best Lara we've seen yet). I like Fuse but not enough for me to play it solo. I thought about going back to finish DmC: Devil May Cry because I never did, but I figure I'll just wait for The Last Of Us . I expect to see that soon, anyway.

I also hope to deliver a Remember Me review at some point this week. That game is a total crapshoot in my eyes; it could be horrid or it could be amazing…or it could be anything in between. I'd like to remain optimistic on this one, though. I really kind have to. 🙂

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