Microsoft, I am very clearly not part of your intended audience.

I'm in this group you seem to think doesn't exist. I'm in the group that views video games as an escape, a simple luxury, an ideally uncomplicated hobby in a world that is infected with too much complexity.

The reports continue to roll in and many details must be confirmed but really, they've already lost me. It's not the fact that used games might require some sort of reactivation fee (which has since proven untrue, according to sources), and it's not just that the Xbox One appears to put video game second and focus primarily on things I don't care about . No, it goes beyond that.

I don't care about Kinect. I'm not wowed by motion sensing and I never have been. I don't care that I can talk to the system, or that it can talk to me. I don't care about all these nifty new ways to watch and record TVs and movies. I don't care about Kinect being able to sense things in my body. I don't care how my gaming or general entertainment can be tied into "social" networking. I don't like the feeling that I have to be connected in some way all the damn time. I hate being watched .

To me, the Xbox One sounds like an exhausting machine. It sounds like I'll have to jump through fifty-eight different hoops whenever I want to sit down, take a load off, and just play a game. Everything I've heard that it could do? Yeah, great, all I see is more ways the machine can screw up, more ways to nickle and dime me (if Microsoft so chose), and more ways to keep me doing anything besides playing a game. I know you think everyone wants touch-screen, motion-enabled, voice-enabled techy-tech-tech smoke and mirrors, but I don't. Many don't, Microsoft. Some gamers are just gamers. They just want to play games, believe it or not.

I have no doubt the PS4 will be too complicated, too. I'm certain I'll be rolling my eyes from time to time, going- "Good GOD, just let me play the freakin' GAME!" However, here's the crux of the issue: At Sony's unveiling of the PS4, their very obvious focus was still on video games. Plain and simple. Microsoft can say they'll be unveiling a horde of Xbox One games at E3 all they want. They didn't lead with the games because that's not the primary purpose of the new console. First and foremost, they see it as a multimedia device. They can't claim anything else now. It's too late.

I'm sorry, but it just sounds like a colossal pain in the ass and actually a hindrance to what used to be a simple, straightforward hobby.

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