It'll be an interesting time for reviews. Fuse (which I have now) and Remember Me are definite crap-shoots…could be big hits or misses.

I don't think I fully understand Insomniac's reasoning

It was entertaining and informative speaking to Ted Price last week concerning the new title from Insomniac Games, Fuse . Price is one of those guys who loves this industry, loves his fans, and always wants to make the best game possible. He really should be listed among names like Hideo Kojima, David Cage, Kazunori Yamauchi, etc. Ratchet & Clank and Resistance are two excellent franchises; unfortunately, I believe neither got quite enough credit, at least in terms of consumer response. However, when I heard Price's reasoning behind why his team said no to Resistance 4 , I have to admit I was a little…confused.

I understand wanting to try something new, but kicking off a new IP toward the end of a console cycle is beyond risky. Furthermore, you're attempting to branch out in a way some of your fans don't understand, and not many appreciated the transition from Overstrike to Fuse . It seems like Insomniac lost their way a little during the development of this so-called "new series," because I'm not 100% certain Fuse is the game they really wanted to make. It almost reminds me a little of the Japanese disease. You know, where developers who are good at something attempt to cater to a different audience for the sake of shifting popularity and trends.

That being said, I do believe too many people are being very unfair. Concerning the Fuse demo, I think people went into that sample hell-bent on hating it, so they hated it. Furthermore, based on what Price said, that game gets a lot better as time goes on, and there is plenty of that patented Insomniac flair. So I'd ask you not to write it off entirely.

If I'm Naughty Dog, I thumb my nose at multiplayer

You're too good to bow to the masses, Naughty Dog. We all know your unbelievable Uncharted games didn't really need a multiplayer element. Not a soul bought those titles for multiplayer and due to their amazing epicness, I doubt many would've been disappointed had there only been the campaign. The Last Of Us probably doesn't need multiplayer, either. And yet, you're telling us it's "the best ever conceived?" Why? I'm sure you're proud of it and I hope it turns out well, but you have to know that nobody cares that much. You are too damn good to have to worry about silly multiplayer. Dishonored didn't have multiplayer. Didn't need it. Bioshock Infinite didn't, either. Two Game of the Year nominees, at least.

Eidos Montreal says their Thief reboot won't have it, 'cuz they don't need it or want it. Assassin's Creed has never really needed it, either, in my opinion. God of War ? No. Totally unnecessary. I don't care how gigantic multiplayer has become; many of the best games on earth don't offer multiplayer, and your games qualify as being some of the best around, Naughty Dog. Hence, although I do hope everything about The Last Of Us is fantastic, I don't think you ever really needed multiplayer.

Personal gaming update

My girlfriend and I just finished the co-op campaign of Portal 2 . Yes, I'm aware it took forever but we don't often get a chance to play it. I wish there were other games like it, but there really aren't. ­čÖü Anyway, I'm at the end of Tomb Raider and I'm trying to close in on 100% complete; the game is super great fun, with or without the hardcore collecting that I'm doing. And as I said above, I've got Fuse to toy around with, so expect a review this week. I also expect to see Remember Me very soon and although I have my reservations (one of them being I've never heard of developer DontNod Entertainment), I have high hopes. Then of course there's The Last Of Us in a few weeks, which should be mind-blowingly awesome.

I will also add that although Gran Turismo 6 has been announced , and I'd usually be downright giddy, I have to say I'm…not. It's really only because I don't think I'll have time for it. If it comes out this holiday season, how the hell am I going to fit it in? With a new hardware launch and tons of new games? Impossible. Maybe I'll just wait for the PS4 version and get it whenever that shows up. ­čÖé

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