I still can't believe a new generation of hardware will be upon us in only a matter of months. Just…wow. 🙂

PS4 accessibility means more launch titles

It means we might not see such a significant graphical improvement as the years roll on, but at least we get more software right off the bat. I wasn't surprised at all to hear Sony say we should anticipate the best launch lineup in PlayStation history. What good is a machine that's developer-friendly if you can't immediately make an impression? Make good on that accessibility and come with the games! We know about Killzone: Shadow Fall , DriveClub , Watch Dogs and a few others, but can you imagine if we also got games like Uncharted 4 and inFamous: Second Son ? The latter actually seems likely and just those titles alone would make for the best PlayStation launch ever, in my opinion. I'm not expecting Uncharted 4 ; that's just a "what if" for the sake of a best case scenario.

Our recent poll showed that despite all the new bells and whistles, and even despite the fact that this industry has fundamentally changed, the games are what matter most. When a new console arrives, that's what we want. The PlayStation Vita had a great launch; there were 25 titles available right off the bat. Can you imagine if there were also 25 PS4 titles on store shelves on launch day? And what if like 10 or 15 of them were pretty damn great? That sucker would sell , almost regardless of price.

Never played The Witcher before, but I might…

I think it's interesting that at least a couple next-generation games appear to be bucking the trends, at least in terms of popular ideas in gaming today. For instance, I love what I've heard from Eidos Montreal concerning the Thief reboot, in that they want to exclusively focus on the single-player campaign. Then you've got CD Projekt Red talking about what won't be in The Witcher 3: Big Hunt and once again, I'm intrigued. No DRM, no QTEs, no multiplayer…I say good . I've known for a while that I'm not on board with many of the current philosophies and ideas in gaming, as I tend to stick to the single-player experience. That's what does it for me. And it seems there are already two next-gen titles that are catering to old-school gamers like me. Yeah, the veterans who don't like change. What of it? 😉

I never got a chance to play either of the previous Witcher titles, but I know I've missed out. I just haven't had the time…and speaking of which, I doubt I'll have the time for The Witcher 3 , either, especially if it's as gigantic as something like The Elder Scrolls . But I really would love to try it, at least.

Personal gaming update

So I finally finished Bioshock Infinite and yeah, it was pretty amazing. I really enjoyed the ending, and I greatly appreciated the effort put into the atmosphere, story, characters and other artistic elements of that production. Why can't more games do that? Ken Levine should probably be mentioned in the same breath as Hideo Kojima and David Cage these days. Infinite is just one of those experiences you won't soon forget, and I have to thank Irrational Games for that. Now it's time to start Tomb Raider again, so I can properly savor that experience. I kinda rushed the first time for the sake of the review, and I never did finish it. So that's next.

I really wanted to get into Dead Island: Riptide but give me a break . In so many ways, it's just another example of what's wrong with the industry today. At the same time, I'm liking the old-school Old West return-to-its-roots style of Call of Juarez: Gunslinger . I'm a little burned out with FPSs but it still looks like tons o' fun.

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