So who's ready to see the PlayStation 4? Me, I really don't care much about what it looks like, but I know others do. ­čśë

Maybe Mikami can rekindle the survival horror genre

I think it goes without saying that most fans of this niche category of gaming aren't too happy right now. They didn't really get a great Silent Hill effort this generation, Resident Evil has changed significantly , and we all know the direction Dead Space has taken. So maybe those horror followers have to pin their hopes to one game: Shinji Mikami's The Evil Within . Bethesda is publishing it (surprise!) and the live action teaser is pretty sick. I think Mikami is just the right person to resurrect this ailing genre, because I really believe he understands the core of fear. The man created Resident Evil and although he has been involved with super fast games since then, survival/horror is in his blood. It's part of his past.

Of course, Bethesda did say it's going to be a "blend of horror and action" but then again, isn't that a decent description of even the old RE and Silent Hill games? They were just more horror than action; the terror built during the downtimes, when you were never sure what was lurking around the next corner… If there's one person who might still get this, it's Mikami.

You're funny, Square Enix

There's really no other way to describe it. Final Fantasy Versus XIII news has been "coming soon" for over six years now. And they actually think they can appease fans by saying it again ? What, like this time they really mean it? Also, could someone explain to me why there has been an information ban on the game? What's the incentive behind that? I'm assuming there's a reason but the only one I can think of is too logical: They just didn't have anything to say. I do, however, find it interesting that the idea of releasing info has been a "delicate issue" within the company. The only way to interpret that is as follows- If anything is "delicate," it means there are supporters and dissenters on a certain topic. That means some wanted to tell the fans more about the game, while others didn't.

Obviously, those who didn't have been winning. And maybe they'll just keep winning until they finally tell us that Versus XIII has become a next-generation project. Anybody taking bets on whether or not it actually turns up as Final Fantasy XV ? At this point, why not?

Personal gaming update

There's not much to tell, but I'm nearing the end of Bioshock Infinite and then I'll be able to go back and savor Tomb Raider . I'm also interested in checking out Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon just because I have a weak spot for campy 80s stuff. The retro theme combined with current-generation first-person shooter mechanics sounds wicked fun, and I love the campy story and setting. I wish I had some games I want to play for the Vita, but there's not much out there. As for other titles, you can expect reviews for Injustice: Gods Among Us and Dead Island Riptide at some point here. I know a lot of you are anticipating the latter because you loved the original; I'm not in that group, but I do want to check it out.

I just can't wait for the end of the year. So many good games coming! ­čÖé

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