When you ask role-playing fans about the classic RPGs they most want to see rebooted or re-imagined, they usually answer with a Final Fantasy title. Other popular responses are Legend of Dragoon , Parasite Eve , and the Chrono series.

But you know, for me, there are a couple JRPGs that didn't get anywhere near enough acclaim and attention, and both of them had "Legaia" in the title. The original Legend of Legaia launched in 1999 on the original PlayStation and I had a ball with that game. It was a turn-based fantasy RPG that focused on Arts, which are essentially combination attacks selected from a menu. They were similar to the combos you would find in a fighting game, except this was a totally different mechanic. So combining Up, Down, Left and Right in certain ways would result in various Arts that dealt big damage.

It was a really great system, and I think it hit its stride with Legaia 2: Duel Saga on the PS2, which released in 2002. It was an even longer adventure with an even better story, and I distinctly recall both games featuring fantastic pacing, a beautiful world map, and plenty of variety in terms of enemies, locales, and characters. Neither game really scored off the charts with critics, but I maintain that especially in those days, many JRPGs not called "Final Fantasy" received the short end of the stick. Checking user reviews from fans of the genre tells a very different story.

I'd really love to see a redone Legaia . Of course, there's no chance it would be turn-based; they'd take the Arts and make them real-time, which would completely destroy it for me. But even so, one can dream.

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