Everyone really seems to like the PlayStation 4. It will have numerous features that many gamers appreciate.

But what about the flip side of the matter: What doesn't the PS4 boast that you wish it did? What's the one omission that disappoints you?

I imagine a great many might say backwards compatibility and of course, they have a point. After all, nobody likes to have this big ol' collection of games that are suddenly unplayable when a new machine arrives on the market. Then again, most of us realize just incredibly rare that particular feature has been in the history of the industry. Most all new consoles from a manufacturer were non-b/c; nobody expected the SNES to be able to play NES cartridges. Nobody figured Sega's new system would be able to play games from the previous system.

So I really think people got spoiled with the PS2. For the most part, backwards compatibility is almost exclusively a Sony thing; it really isn't something Nintendo or Microsoft does. The Xbox 360 allowed for emulation compatibility of select Xbox titles but that's hardly the same thing. But what other feature missing from the PS4 upsets you? We heard some rumor about it not being able to play CDs, for instance (which would be really weird). At this point, given what we know about the new machine, it's hard to say what it's missing…it really seems to have most features gamers crave. And that's a really good sign.

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