Anybody else wondering when Microsoft is going to unveil the Xbox 720? I wonder if it'll be received as well as the PlayStation 4 has been…

Would Gran Turismo 6 be the most important early title for the PS4?

It's hardly official but those Facebook photos really got me thinking. Let's assume Gran Turismo 6 really does come out for the PS4. Looking back, this franchise has been a guaranteed system seller for the PlayStation platform; the PS2 got a huge boost when Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec launched the summer after the PS2 hit store shelves. I know of many people who said they were waiting for GT3 to buy the PS2 and as I recall, the GT3 PS2 bundle did extremely well. Gran Turismo 5 also sold very well for the PS3 and certainly caused a temporary sales spike for Sony's current machine.

However, I'm sure everyone has noticed that sports and racing games aren't quite as popular as they used to be. They really used to dominate the entire industry at one time. And although I'm sure a new GT would be huge, I'm not convinced that it'll be the title that convinces a large number of people to buy the PS4. And while we're on the subject, considering just how versatile the PS4 is, and the fact that Sony wants it to be a "living room entertainment hub," I'm not sure any one game can really push sales. I'm sure Uncharted 4 would cause sales to rise, but I keep wondering if the days of true-blue "system-selling" software are gone. The gaming machines are just too diverse now, I think.

If The Last Of Us takes me 15 hours, I'm good

You know, there was a time when I'd finish one RPG a month. It was during my RPG craze on the original PlayStation; I'd invest a full month's effort into a game like Legend of Dragoon , Legend of Legaia , Saga Frontier , Star Ocean: The 2nd Story , Chrono Cross , or one of the Final Fantasy , Suikoden or Wild ARMs titles. Very often I'd spend a minimum of 40 hours; it was usually closer to 50 or 60 (and over 100 with SO2 and Saga Frontier ) because I wanted to do everything. I honestly believe that if they still made games like that (big-budget productions on consoles, I mean), I might try something similar. I probably wouldn't be able to but I might want to. However, for the most part, a 10-hour adventure is just fine by me.

And if The Last Of Us is maybe around 15 hours as Naughty Dog claims , I'm happy. It took me several months to actually complete Assassin's Creed III , and I only put about 37 hours into it. I did do a lot (certainly more than is required to beat the game) but even so, 37 hours would've taken me a matter of weeks back in the good ol' days. Now, these 8-10 hour campaigns are perfect. So I'm not gonna complain.

Personal gaming update

I'm maybe about five hours into Halo 4 now and I have indeed found new weapons and enemies. But as I said in this forum thread , I'm currently experiencing a waning interest in shooters. I suppose it could just be Halo 4 but I doubt it, because there's really nothing wrong with it. Sure, I still don't like most of the weapons and the new enemies are actually just a colossal pain in the ass, but it's still an extremely well-done game. And I used to love shooters, so I should be enjoying myself. But I find that I have to really push myself to even sit down and play it. I get bored of it so quickly. So it's possible that my gaming tastes are changing and FPSs just aren't doing it for me anymore. I'll have to see how I feel going forward.

God of War: Ascension is also great but I'm having more fun with that. And for the record, I don't believe the score is a bad one. There are reviewers out there from major sources who gave it a 7, remember. It's still a fantastic production; it just feels…well, read the review if you want a full explanation. Right now, I absolutely cannot wait for Bioshock Infinite . Yes, I'm aware it's basically a FPS only with RPG elements. So maybe I'll be bored by that, too…but I bet not. I bet the story will keep me involved, which I really can't say is the case with Halo 4 . Not even close.