It wasn't until the end of the PlayStation Meeting that I realized we hadn't actually seen the new PlayStation 4.

Sure, it seemed a little odd that they had just spent two hours talking about this machine, and nobody ever actually got to see it. Then came the expected headlines, criticizing Sony for not showing off the console.

But honestly, how important is the machine's cosmetic appeal? Am I the only one who doesn't care in the slightest? Maybe I'm just not an internal designer; maybe I don't care enough about what anything looks like, and I'm willing to accept that more "with it" individuals do care. Even though it's only a piece of electronic equipment, it still has to be a part of the home decor, I suppose. And to some, I can understand why that would be important.

For most, though, I think they'll agree with Sony's simple statement- "A box is a box." Really, that's true. We care what's in that box, we care what games there are for that box, we care what that box is capable of, and we care about the reliability of that box. But we probably don't worry much about what that box will look like. Personally, I think it could look like a toaster and I don't think I'd care very much. In my opinion, even the sleekest electronic devices are kinda ugly in my eyes (I prefer the more natural tones and lines), so the PS4 probably can't impress or disappoint me when it comes to cosmetic appeal.

So I'm indifferent. What about you?