Obviously, this question assumes there will be two models of the PlayStation 4 when Sony's new console launches later this year.

The rumors are saying there will indeed be two different versions, possibly one priced at $430 and the other holding a $530 price tag. So let's say that information is accurate: What is going to separate the two systems? It can't just be a bigger hard drive, can it? I guess it's possible.

But given the sheer amount of options and features, perhaps it's feasible that the $430 model simply won't boast every last bell and whistle. On the other hand, maybe it's a matter of equipment; i.e., what comes packaged with the console. I keep wondering if any game company will go back to the days when a new video game console came with a freakin' game. And I'd be ecstatic if I got a bigger hard drive and a game for the extra $100. Or maybe they'll throw in another controller, or something. One thing's for damn sure, though- The PS4 better not come with only A/V cables. Seriously. Just…no. It's ridiculous that an HDMI cable doesn't come with the PS3; the PS4 not coming with one is just obscene .

Anyway, what do you think might be the differences between the two PS4 models (assuming there are two models from which to choose)? And what would make you pay the higher price? Is there something you feel you'd absolutely need to have? What is worth that extra hundred bucks to you?

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