To be honest, I'm almost more excited about Beyond's release date than I am about the PS4. But I imagine that'll change the closer we get to the new console's launch.

The PS4 NEEDS the best launch lineup in PlayStation history

When I saw that Sony Worldwide Studios vice president Michael Denny said the PlayStation 4 could end up having the best launch software lineup in the brand's history, I replied out loud- "Yeah, well, it better." Sony can talk all they want about appealing to core gamers but there's only way to truly do that: Give us the games . New multimedia, multiplayer and social media features are essentially meaningless without the software. I don't care what age or era this is; we're still talking about a video game console . That remains the primary purpose of that device, despite all its bells and whistles. Therefore, it just can't be successful if that primary purpose isn't fulfilled and hence, a hefty assortment of great games right off the bat is essential.

Thankfully, it does appear possible. Killzone: Shadow Fall by itself might already put it head and shoulders above other system launches, but if DriveClub is a launch title that delivers big time, and inFamous: Second Son also releases on day one, that would seal it for me. Multiplatform releases like Watch Dogs , Assassin's Creed: Black Flag , and Destiny are really just icing the cake. Not that I care much about the latter.

Crytek is both right and wrong

In trying to explain the lower-than-expected review scores for Crysis 3 , developer Crytek has pointed toward "gamer fatigue." On the one hand, he makes a good point- As we near the end of the generation, people really are getting tired of the same ol' same ol', and are anxiously lying in wait for something new. They anticipate better experiences lying right around the corner and besides, the bar has been raised awfully high for FPSs this generation. Still, on the other hand, I call Crytek's claim somewhat of a smokescreen. Crysis 3 may be the studio's "masterpiece," as boss Cevat Yerli claims, but many fans and critics didn't see it that way. They saw it as a backward step, a nod to the flashy and quick rather than a more patient, tactical style of gameplay.

It just felt like Crysis blended with Call of Duty . I'm sorry, Yerli, but it did. Obviously, the game is still great and the campaign is great fun (if a little short). But while Crytek is right about gamer fatigue – because that really is playing a role these days – they're avoiding the major problem. …and if you ask reviewers and long-time fans of the series, Cevat, you'd know what that problem is. Really, just visit an active forum or community.

Personal gaming update

Finally getting ready to start playing Halo 4 and I'm also looking forward to playing more of Tomb Raider . The review for that will be coming this week, as will the review for MLB 13: The Show , which I have for both PS3 and Vita. Then next week it's God of War: Ascension , which had best be wicked bad-ass. It's GoW; it has to be! I'm currently playing through the co-op adventure in Portal 2 ; my girlfriend and I are having lots of fun with. Also doing some Resistance 3 co-op, which is a blast. Might try LittleBigPlanet 2 as well. We like playing some games together, and that's a plus. ­čÖé

This month, even though Ascension should be huge, my most anticipated game is easily Bioshock Infinite . That I can't wait to play.

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