If there's one thing that has always been true about the PlayStation brand, it's this- It's not meant for the casual gamer. Casuals are welcome, of course, but PlayStation has always been a haven for the hardcore.

Xbox is the casual gamer's platform of choice. We all know this. And as the vast majority of gamers these days can be identified as "casual," maybe it's no surprise that Sony wants a piece of that ever-growing pie.

I like what I've heard concerning the PS4. I completely understand Sony's approach. Furthermore, I have no doubt that we'll get plenty of games that are specifically designed for the hardcore gamers out there. However, given the fact that the new console emphasizes accessibility and social medial elements, one has to wonder if Sony is making a definite transition. Then we have to wonder if we'll see any of those niche titles PlayStation has been so well known for over the years; i.e., JRPGs, for instance, which are pretty much dying, anyway.

On top of which, we have to consider the following- Maybe the market can no longer support a device that purely targets the hardcore. Maybe the only way to survive these days is to appease the masses, which game makers never had to do before. Maybe Sony's new direction wasn't about choice…maybe it was a necessity. I suppose we could be optimistic and say the PS4 will satisfy both the hardcore and casual crowds equally, but I have a feeling that may not be the case…