So I guess there's going to be some big news this week. …and I'm not sure I'm ready for it.

Anybody get all teary-eyed at that PlayStation homage video?

Sony may be setting up the PlayStation 4 announcement with a look back at the brand , as evidenced by that new promotional video. It's a little depressing that I was a junior in high school by the time the original PlayStation launched but hey, time flies. And that video brought back a ton of memories.

You know how there are times when you always remember the first time you see a game? I still remember the first time I saw Gran Turismo , for example, and the first time I saw that introductory sequence in Final Fantasy VII . Those things really stick with you. But beyond that, I also have snapshot memories of playing many of the games on display there; I remember joyfully hopping and spinning in Crash Bandicoot , I remember grappling like crazy in Jet Moto , I remember blowing up the Eiffel Tower in Twisted Metal 2 , and I remember the first RPGs (which weren't shown, but whatever); Suikoden , Wild ARMs and Tales of Destiny were the first.

And that video brought it all back. I even remember having one of those promotional video tapes for the PlayStation; I forget how I got it but it was called "Are you hungry?" and featured a bunch of games, including Wipeout and Dragon's Lair (I think). So now that I'm looking back at all this, my anticipation for the new console is a little higher. But the bottom line is that this industry has changed so much…for someone who doesn't give two sh*** about multiplayer, social media, and touchscreen controls, the future appears less appealing than the past.

Just admit it, Sony, The Last Guardian has gone next-gen

Fumito Ueda says we should "keep an eye out" for upcoming information concerning The Last Guardian . I find the timing of this tease interesting, as it showed up the week before Sony is scheduled to – almost undoubtedly – reveal the PlayStation 4. Look, we've heard about nothing besides major developmental difficulties combined with Sony's apparent staunch commitment to the project. So at this point, if the game is at least a year away (if not more), which seems likely, how could it not be a PS4 title by now? And it would make perfect sense, too. Maybe the reason we've heard very little recently is because the team has shifted to focusing on a new console. The last internal update I remember claimed they hadn't even started on basics like standard control and gameplay, which tells me they really weren't too far along in the first place.

So at some point, Sony really just has to say, "Okay, that's it. By the time you're finally ready to produce this game, we'll be at least a year into the lifespan of the PS4." It definitely wouldn't be the first time a highly anticipated title got pushed over generational boundaries.

Personal gaming update

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is lots of fun and in some ways, it's even more fun on the Vita. I wanted Aliens: Colonial Marines to be decent but unfortunately, that travesty of a game didn't deserve to stay within the confines of my house. I just can't understand how Sega didn't see that coming a mile away. Take one look at that game and you know it's junk; anybody would. So why bother? What, just trying to recoup losses incurred by over six years of wasted development time? Maybe, but you won't even come close to making your money back on this one, I don't think. I just don't understand why we're not allowed to have a solid and entertaining Aliens game. I feel so bad for fans of the movies.

This week is pretty big- Crysis 3 and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance . I'm expecting both to be fantastic, so here's hoping…

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