You know, I almost got ahead of myself. I nearly named this article, "Best Consoles Ever: Where DOES The PS3 Rank?" Like even if the PS4 gets announced on Wednesday, the PS3 is dead and gone.

Of course, we all know that isn't true. PlayStation consoles continue on for several years after the next hardware iteration is on store shelves, and they often get some of the best games during that time-frame, too. The PS2 got Final Fantasy XII right around the time the PS3 hit store shelves, and didn't get God of War II until the PS3 had been out for a few months.

So anyway, where do you think the PS3 will rank on the all-time list when all is said and done? Do you think you'll put it ahead of the other PlayStation consoles? Die-hard role-playing fans probably won't do that, but I suppose one could make an argument that the PS3 has been the best simply in terms of championing a new software format (Blu-Ray), the rise of the PlayStation Network, and yet again, a diverse, top-tier assortment of exclusive software. However, the PS2 was a beast in and of itself and the PlayStation was revolutionary in more ways than one.

Then there are the other systems to take into account. For me, I'd have trouble picking between the SNES, PS1 and PS2, but I do love the PS3, and I loved the Genesis and NES, too. Kinda hard to pick.