I think I shoveled five metric tons of snow today, so I'm a little tired. 😉

Sorry Sony, I have no idea what "new play options" means

You know, it would make perfect sense for Sony to keep up with the times; i.e., produce a console that reflects this ridiculous social media trend (for which I have very little tolerance). I do understand that approach so when I heard the new PlayStation might feature fresh social features, I was like, "Yeah, well, sure." It's logical. But what does the phrase "new play options" even mean? Or is it "new player options?" Either way, I'm confused. So when I first saw that information , I sat back and tried to think: What could that possibly mean? Are they referring to a better gameplay experience in general? Or are they even talking about the games? This sounds suspiciously like a gimmick and I've heard people refer to the PS4 as the "PS3.5," which concerns me a little.

I'm not trying to be pessimistic nor am I much of a reactionary. I put only a tiny amount of stock in rumors; it doesn't matter to me until it's all official. That being said, I've started to notice that certain trends in the video game industry are running contrary to my interests; faster and stupider rather than some form of intelligence and top-notch storytelling is only one of the trends. The other is the apparent rampant belief that game makers have that says no gamer wants to do anything alone. Ever. This is what bugs me most, and why I have some trepidation concerning the PS4.

There's nothing to "analyze" or "examine," Capcom

It just kills me. Capcom says they're delving into the reasons behind Resident Evil 6 failing to meet their shipment expectations. This is like Square Enix trying to figure out why Final Fantasy fans hate Lightning Returns ; the only difference is that of course, Square Enix would never care enough to "examine." I just can't figure out why Capcom can't visit some forums or communities. The bottom line is that RE6 wasn't survival/horror and there were other obvious problems, too. Maybe the developers thought this transition was necessary – as Visceral thought with Dead Space 3 – but that doesn't excuse their ignorance now. Just open an ear or two and listen to what everyone is saying. Why did RE6 ship two million fewer units? Because it wasn't really want the fans wanted.

Wow, that was tough. Can I get paid for being a consultant, Capcom? I just don't want to be paid by the hour because this explanation took about three seconds of consideration. Or maybe two.

Personal gaming update

I would've played a lot more between yesterday and today if this freakin' Nemo storm hadn't dumped two and a half feet of snow in my area. Instead, I think I probably spent a good six hours shoveling over the two-day span (snow blowers are for sissies) and after that, I'm just too tired to play anything. I should add, however, that I definitely want to play more of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time , which turned out to be a really solid game. I wish it was of AAA elite quality, but it's still really fun and a definite breath of fresh air. And although I may not get to a review for the Vita version, I can say it works really well on Sony's portable. So you should certainly take advantage of the Cross Buy promotion if you own a Vita.

This week is pretty light, but I should see Aliens: Colonial Marines at some point. That Extended Cut trailer got me hyped; maybe the game will be worth playing. I have no illusions, though…I'm just hoping for something fun that isn't riddled with problems like the ultra-disappointing Duke Nukem Forever . I want to see the Gearbox that did Borderlands 2 , damnit!