Looks like February might be even busier than I thought…

I'm just not ready for all this PS4 talk

I've been on the record saying that I'd be happy with the PS3 for another two or three years and that's not an exaggeration. I know this generation has already lasted longer than any of the previous generations of video game hardware, but I'm still not tired of the consoles I have. Well, that's not 100% accurate; I am getting pretty tired of the Xbox 360, just because it feels outdated and at this point, there are only one or two games coming out for it that I really want to play. But the PS3 has a whole lot of life left and I don't want the PS4 to launch later this year.

But it certainly seems possible. The hot rumor is that Sony will officially announce the new PlayStation on February 20 , and a whole lot of headlines have started to circulate. We've got rumored specs and details , this unpleasantness about focusing more on "social features," and through it all, I keep thinking such hype will unfortunately overshadow elite PS3 titles . Thing is, I'm not exactly giddy with excitement. Maybe when I see the total reveal and drink in all the details…maybe then I'll get a little more anticipatory. For the time being, however, I'm feeling sort of indifferent. I just want to play fun games, as boring as that may sound.

The GTAV delay doesn't bother me one bit

I'm a patient individual. I'm more than willing to wait for a developer to get a game just right. Therefore, I wasn't too upset to see that Grand Theft Auto V had been delayed until September . Granted, I would've rather seen it in July or August, just because the summer is usually dead, and I wouldn't feel as if I have to rush before the October craziness. But the bottom line is that I will have plenty to play until September and besides, it seems like a good month. We're just coming out of the typical summer doldrums and gamers will be anxiously anticipating the busy fall; GTAV would be the first mammoth title that says- "Yep, those tedious summer months are over and the masterpieces start right here!" And let's face it, no matter when it comes out, it's guaranteed to rake in a ton of cash .

The game's financial success seems obvious in my eyes but above all else, I want Rockstar to ensure the game's quality. We're talkin' about GTA, here; if this game isn't one of the very best of the generation – and indeed, one of the best of all time – I'll be disappointed. And I won't be the only one. So by all means, take all the time you need, guys.

Personal gaming update

As I was on "vacation" this week (in that I was in a nice place with my new favorite person but still had to work), I only toyed around with the Vita a little. Hot Shots Golf , Wipeout , Katamari , Michael Jackson , etc.; just having fun here and there. It really is a great unit and there are some top-notch games for it…they just launched a while ago and I'm not seeing that many on the horizon. Still, I will always say it's a fantastic portable gaming device because in truth, it is. And now that I'm back, I'll get back to stuff like DmC: Devil May Cry and Assassin's Creed III .

That's just for fun, though; work comes first: The Dead Space 3 and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time reviews are coming this week (between Tuesday and Wednesday, I hope), and more games are on the way this month. Crysis 3 and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance ought to be quite intriguing, although I think I've had my action fix with DmC . And oh yes, the Super Bowl is this weekend, isn't it? I think it's about time my 49ers went back atop the football world. ­čśë

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