So everyone thinks Sony will announce the new PlayStation on February 20. And the latest news is that the PS4 might be more about "social features" and the "user experience" rather than futuristic specs.

Does this sound like Sony might be rushing things just to stay one step ahead of Microsoft? I mean, adding such features as described above, although vague, sort of implies that the machine won't be cutting-edge but will instead feel like the PlayStation U. Yeah, sorry, Nintendo fans.

I mean, if you're just adding some social-based features (and the "user experience" just sounds like more social nonsense to me), then are we really talking about a super-duper piece of technology, or just a PlayStation 3 with some extra functionality that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with upgraded hardware? Which isn't to say the PS4 won't boast amped-up hardware; I'm sure it will, but the rumors are sounding more like Sony is shifting their focus a bit. And I've been worried about that for years, in truth.

They've said numerous times that they can't afford to be beat to market again by Microsoft, so what if they're not ready from a technical standpoint? How desperate are they to launch first? Would they take this "social" route and only provide us with a modest technical boost? Also, don't forget that after launching the PS3 with a $600 price point, Sony might be really leery about putting another high-priced machine on store shelves. All of this is pointing to what I might see as a highly disappointing console.

I just hope I'm wrong.

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