I understand that because I'm not a multiplayer fan, I might be very much out of the loop. I accept this. I do.

However, when it comes to certain games, I just have to wonder- Does anyone really care that much about the multiplayer aspect? Like with Grand Theft Auto IV , did gamers actually spend a lot of time with the multiplayer element? Did people buy that game with the purpose of playing it online?

I have the same questions about this year's GTAV. Of course, GTAIV launched nearly five years ago and the multiplayer boom has only gotten bigger and bigger with time. Still, as is the case with God of War: Ascension , I have to wonder if such an option is really all that necessary. Does it bring in new fans? Does it really entice those who play shooters online all the time and never played a GTA? Is it a big incentive for anyone researching the game to see if it's worth a purchase? Even more interesting- If the multiplayer sucks, would that dissuade gamers from buying it? Would you be disappointed without it?

I get the purpose of multiplayer in certain games, even if I personally don't care. But when it comes to GTAV, I just have to think that the followers want GTA; they want to become immersed in this amazing virtual world, do whatever they want, and enjoy the story and crazy missions. I suppose this style and format lends itself to invigorating multiplayer but to me, this franchise has always been about having a blast by yourself , and there are multiple reasons for that. I simply can't imagine people caring one way or the other if the game has multiplayer…do we really believe sales would be less if GTAV didn't have a multiplayer component?

I'm sure it can only help, but is that increase in sales actually significant? I mean, worthwhile enough to dedicate so much in the way of time and resources to it? I'm not so sure.

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