February is looking a lot like October in terms of number of titles that need reviewing. Unbelievable…too much stuff!

I just wonder if the Skyrim PS3 fans forgive Bethesda

I didn't play the game quite enough to care about downloadable content (actually, I don't care about DLC for any game), so I'm wondering how the fans feel about Bethesda's announcement concerning the arrival of DLC for the PS3 version. I mean, Skyrim came out over two years ago. If I were an ardent follower of the game in question, I can't help but think I'd be pretty annoyed…it took them a year to get this right? Really? I'm glad that Bethesda's Dishonored (which I know was done by Arkane Studios) isn't following the same path; i.e., screwing over PS3 players. And let's not forget about that game-destroying bug people found in the PS3 version of Skyrim after they had played for about 40 hours or so. That was ridiculous.

But with all the expansion packs arriving at about the same time – throughout the month of February, as I understand it – that might make a return to Skyrim more appealing for the hardcore RPG fans. So maybe they're willing to forgive and forget, especially if those add-ons are plenty meaty. It's also a good idea to make them 50% off when they first arrive on the PSN; that should entice people to come back. Still, I'm willing to bet there are a whole lot of gamers who have long since moved on.

Lightning Returns somehow has to compete this fall? LOL

Okay, so we're not sure of the fall lineup this year but it's typically pretty insane. It'll be all the more nuts if either Sony or Microsoft (or God forbid, both) launch their new systems. It takes some powerful competitors to emerge victorious from the crazy autumn rush these days…and Square Enix really thinks Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be one of those heavy hitters? Come on, seriously? I used to be surprised and even shocked to hear Square Enix bosses interviewed, just because they always seemed so utterly clueless about the mindsets of Final Fantasy fans. Now I've come to expect it. And if Lightning Returns had released this summer or something, I would've given it more of a chance. But the vast majority of FF followers already think it's a joke.

Putting it up against the blockbusters that will almost inevitably launch for the October/November sales rush is either extremely confident or ignorantly cocky. I'm going with the latter, especially considering that FFXIII-2 sales didn't impress at all. Now, with the series once again going in the wrong direction, they actually expect sales to rise ? And let's not forget that FFXIII and FFXIII-2 didn't have super stiff competition by launching in the first quarters of 2011 and 2012. Square Enix, you guys are borderline certifiable.

Personal gaming update

I'm having plenty of fun with DmC: Devil May Cry . I'm tired of the fan outcry; it has gotten repetitive and boring. The bottom line is that the critics are right about this one- Regardless of how bitter and butt-hurt the hardcore fans are, the game is great. It may not be the kind of great that you want – and I can fully understand that – but to lash out and just say the game sucks for no reason whatsoever is childish and embarrassing. Get over yourselves, man up, and just admit that Ninja Theory made a pretty great game, even if it wasn't precisely what you might've wanted. I will do exactly that if Lightning Returns turns out good, by the way. Just because it isn't what I want doesn't mean I'll say it suck if it doesn't suck.

I've got Sly Cooper and Ni no Kuni to check out, so you can expect those reviews soon, and I'm looking forward to Dead Space 3 as well. Being part of that roundtable discussion with Visceral executive producer Steve Papoutsis was pretty enlightening; it was interesting to hear him talk about the franchise's genre and how it can be extremely tough to please the fans . I imagine this game will be great, too. ­čÖé

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