So the latest PS4 news is that Sony is abandoning the traditional Dual Shock controller that has been (mostly) in place for three full generations.

The version with rumble – but with motion control – showed up when the PS3 first launched back in 2006, but the fans freaked out and Sony brought rumble back. For the most part, the PlayStation controller hasn't really changed much over the past 16 years and in my estimation is the very best gamepad to ever exist. But I'm sure many would disagree; those with very large hands tend to favor the Xbox 360 controller (the S controller, not the mammoth thing that debuted with the machine). Still others will go classic and pick the SNES, and I can definitely see that.

Personally, I've always hated the funky controllers, the ones that just didn't feel properly set up and streamlined. So that's why I despised the N64 and Dreamcast gamepads…I mean, what the hell were those? Again, though, I know people who swear by them, so it's obvious that controller style and structure is a very personal and subjective thing. So what do you say is the best controller of all time? And why?

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