A couple big January games are coming…are you psyched for DMC and Ni no Kuni ?

I laughed out loud at Pitchford's CoD comment

I mean, it was just so funny. It was funny because it was absolutely perfect. It seems Borderlands developer Gearbox Software was given the opportunity to develop a Call of Duty installment for Activision. That would undoubtedly be a sound financial move. But Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford said his studio declined because such a project just wouldn't be much of a challenge . First off, he had the guts to say it. Secondly, he basically summed up in a few sentences what a great many have been feeling for the past three or four years. He said it just wouldn't move their studio forward in any significant way, and that's because you have to give the people what they want; i.e., more of the same. He's right about CoD's strength being its obvious reliability.

I suppose one could argue that Gearbox could've done something unique and special with CoD and seen that as a challenge, but come on. You don't really believe Activision would've gone for that, do you? The only way the publisher would even consider messing with the tried-and-true CoD formula is if they were talking about some sort of weird spin-off. And even then I doubt it. And you know, for the record, I'm willing to bet that quite a few teams would pass on a CoD offer…I'll wager every penny I own that David Cage and Quantic Dream would decline.

Yeah yeah, we'll get news on FFX HD…blah blah blah

It was my favorite part of TGS 2011: The announcement of Final Fantasy X HD for the PS3 and Vita. I loved FFX – as did a lot of people – and to see it get a high-gloss coat of sweet HD visuals would really make my year. Of course, which year is up for debate. We haven't heard much of anything about this project since the announcement and now that over 15 months have gone by, Square Enix says "the world will get answers soon." Yeah? Really? At about the same time as we get a release date for Final Fantasy Versus XIII , right? Has anyone noticed that they're having no trouble whatsoever releasing a new FFXIII installment every year? Why do I get the feeling that they wanted to jump aboard this "annualization" idea and keep pumping out more Lightning stories rather than focus on new projects?

Maybe it's just me. All I know is that with every passing day, I get more and more suspicious of FFX HD. I'm assuming – for now – that it will eventually show up. But I'm almost starting to wonder if Square Enix isn't second-guessing themselves. In other words, maybe they're thinking it just isn't worth it… They obviously don't believe fans are interested; if they did, we probably would've had other remakes by now.

Personal gaming update

I'm going to try DMC soon and then I'll have to deal with Ni no Kuni . In the meantime, I keep playing Assassin's Creed III and I still want to start Halo 4 . I was really busy over the holidays so I'm behind, and February is looming very, very large… By the way, and I already mentioned this on Facebook, but I really didn't fall in love with that Ni no Kuni demo. I know everyone will hate me for that but trust me, I wanted to love it and it just didn't happen. I have my reasons, but they won't affect the review much at all. Subjectivity is a part of all reviews but I will recognize the game as being of a very high quality overall.

February is looking nuts, though. Has anyone noticed how many games are scheduled for next month?! Cripes.

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