Remakes or basic high-definition updates can be awfully popular, especially when a classic, even timeless title is involved.

So what game do you believe most deserves a modern upgrade? What game do you think would make that transition best, and would be the most popular among its die-hard fans?

To be honest, I still have to say it's Final Fantasy VII . But , there's a huge caveat to that belief, and it's this- I'd want it done a certain way. The game must remain intact from start to finish; if Square Enix wanted to toss in a few extra scenes here and there, fine. But don't subtract and for the love of Christ, don't touch the battle system . I remain on the fence about the addition of voice actors, although I suppose they'd have to be inevitable for a true modern remake.

Supposedly, we'll get Final Fantasy X HD at some point and I loved FFX, so I'd be all over that. But FFVII has this almost mystical aura surrounding it; perhaps it's partly due to a dozen years of that remake rumor circulating but whatever the reason, I'm pretty convinced a FFVII remake would be gigantic . But there are other candidates out there, don't you think? Is there another Final Fantasy you'd like to see remade? Or what about the original Metal Gear Solid ? Maybe something a little less obvious, like Dino Crisis or Gauntlet or something?

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