I'm assuming at some point, I'll get a break. …but the way the schedule is, maybe not. 'sigh'

Come on, that Square Enix comment was FUNNY

I almost busted a gut when I read what former Square boss Hisashi Suzuki said about the Square Enix merger . I was laughing hard . I mean, it's one thing to have all the fans say it and even journalists say it; it's quite another to have a former president of the company say the move was a total failure. It was even funnier to read that part about S-E having "no vision." It's hilarious in a ridiculously painful sort of way, partly because it's so effing bewildering. Everyone seems to get it but Square Enix. Is it something in the air filtration system? Are they all just a little dizzy due to a gas leak? What's going on? It's like this huge joke because the entire world outside S-E's walls is befuddled and disappointed, while everyone inside those walls doesn't seem to have one damn clue .

What sort of crazy pills must you be popping to stand up there, unveil Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII , and act all proud? Even stranger, how are you completely deaf to the backlash? How ? It's unavoidable in all respects and now you've got a former company head saying you suck so hey, maybe that's a clue! But no, they don't get it and they won't get it. It's so absurd it's downright hysterical.

No, David, I don't want to control anything with my brain

There isn't a bone in my body that doesn't respect David Cage. But as is typically the case when it comes to visionaries and innovators, they tend to take things too far. They push beyond a certain limit because after all, they have to if they want to retain the title of "visionary" and "innovator." Unfortunately, this also means they're sort of blind to other factors that may seriously hinder the next step. So when Cage said the future could involve us controlling games with our minds , I just had to shake my head. No, David. This time, the line you crossed leads to dangerous things, none of which we're familiar with enough to tackle. The ironic part about this is that Cage has said, on numerous occasions, that he doesn't even care about technology. That in fact, it's completely secondary.

And I'm down with that. 100% agree. But controlling a video game with our minds is only about technology and nothing else, so I'm sort of confused by his sentiment. And by the way, if he's right, and they want to start playing around with my brain , I'm gonna take a pass. Thanks.

Personal gaming update

Right. What "personal gaming update?" This time of year, I'm so swamped with reviews, I have no time to play anything I want. Assassin's Creed III is just going to have to wait a while longer; all I can do is grab a few minutes to play Rock Band Blitz or something, and that's it. I've got Need for Speed: Most Wanted for the Vita, LittleBigPlanet Karting , and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale , not to mention the inevitable Call of Duty: Black Ops II this week and the upcoming Hitman: Absolution . CRIPES. By the way, the Assassin's Creed III: Liberation review is done but I can't put it up just yet due to a technical mishap. I apologize for that but don't worry, it's coming. If you need to know, I give it a 7.5.

The only good news is that there really isn't anything else I'm determined to play this year, so once all the work is done, I'm clear to play ACIII for a solid 6-8 weeks (I think). I mean, Far Cry 3 could theoretically get in the way, but I wasn't a super huge fan of FC2 (as good as it was), so I think I'll be free into January. By the way, the lateness of my Week in Review isn't due to anything besides the fact that I was, once again, just a tad preoccupied. But it's here now, all right? 😉

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