I tell you, 2012 hasn't been a proud year to be a gamer.

First there was the Mass Effect 3 outcry, during which there was enough obscene entitlement and spoiled brat syndrome to make any well-adjusted, mature individual turn away with disgust.

And now this.

So Hurricane Sandy generated a lot of problems on the east coast this past week. New York was hit especially hard, and that caused a few previously laid plans to go awry, including Rockstar's intention to release the new Grand Theft Auto V trailer . Well, all right. Makes perfect sense to me. But a few hours later, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw, over at DarkZero , a summary of fans mouthing off at Rockstar because they didn't get that trailer. And I mean, totally ticked off.

Seriously? Seriously ? This is how horribly immature we've really become? This is the level of growth to which we can attest? Yelling at a company because they suffered through a hurricane and didn't get a freakin' video game trailer up the exact instant they had intended to? The worst part is that this kind of behavior gets a lot of attention; attention beyond the boundaries of our little world, and trust me when I say, a whole lot of mainstream individuals are seeing this and going, "Yeah, I knew they were just a bunch of kids. Or kids in grown-up skin."

And really, what can we say against that at this point? How is any of this even remotely defensible? This isn't about the launch of a game; this is about a trailer . This is because a video didn't show up on the Internet. This is because gamers can't seem to help themselves; they just can't find a way to act like grown humans. And even if what some are saying is true, even if Rockstar could put up the trailer but is choosing not to for other reasons, so the hell what ? Are you honestly going to take to forums and message boards and complain because you didn't get your trailer this week?

Get…a…life. Please .

I thought that as gaming got more popular, it'd be easier to admit to a group of professionals at a party that I'm a game journalist and yeah, I like games. But it seems that with every passing month, it gets harder and harder to admit. It's all the worse because I have no way of defending my fellow gamers. All I can do is shrug and go, "Yeah, well, children will be children. I will apologize on their behalf because they never will."

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