Yeah, it's about that time. At least one big game releases each week between now and early December…we ready?

Does Call of Duty even need to advertise anymore?

Obviously, Call of Duty is the biggest name in gaming. I think when you reach that point, marketing almost feels unnecessary. Of course, advertising and promotion is never unnecessary, even when you're already at the top of the heap, but will all these commercials really sway more people? Will they actually remind people who have somehow forgotten that Black Ops comes out on November 13? Or do so many casual gamers play it that such ads are essential for keeping sales through the roof? I wonder… You may also notice that when it comes to almost limitless budgets, you can do really cool stuff, like use AC/DC for the launch trailer . That's hardly the only example of Activision throwing their money around in relation to Call of Duty , and you almost wish it would all go away.

At the same time, does EA have to try to match Activision's promotion firepower? Do they need to push Medal of Honor: Warfighter like crazy? Or is the fact that it's coming out three weeks before BOII enough to drag in the shooter fans? Then again, you've got Halo 4 to contend with as well, so… I just feel like we're going to OD on CoD in the next few weeks and I have no idea just how much of a difference it makes at this point.

I wonder if I'll be able to get into the next Mass Effect

BioWare will eventually deliver a brand new Mass Effect offering, which will feature an entirely new story arc and hence, no more Commander Shepard . But it wasn't the story or the character I didn't really take to, it was more the setting and the gameplay. No matter how in-depth or advanced the gameplay got, it still felt too much like a third-person shooter to me, and I've never been a fan of the sci-fi environment. I'm definitely more of a Dragon Age person although admittedly, Mass Effect 3 was better than Dragon Age II . I have great confidence that BioWare can pen a great story and give us really interesting characters, but I wonder if they'll follow the same ME gameplay structure when it returns.

They probably will and therefore, I won't be all that intrigued, but you never know… Just a few small differences could make me very curious. By the way, I'm definitely looking forward to Dragon Age III , which I hope represents a technical leap forward and a general return to traditional role-playing. I want to be able to equip my party members and I want a world map. Beyond that, I'm good. Love the fantasy locales. ­čÖé

Personal gaming update

I thought I'd be more in love with Joe Danger 2: The Movie than I am, mostly because I adored the first one. I just find the sequel a little too frustrating and a little too madcap for my taste. I also thought I'd try to finish 007 Legends because I thought Eurocom could deliver another solid and entertaining Bond experience. Yeah, well, the reservations I had were unfortunately realized and I don't want anything more to do with it. Ah well, that leaves more time for the great Dishonored and I need it, because Warfighter is out this week, and Assassin's Creed III and Need for Speed: Most Wanted are next week. I should have all of them a little early so the reviews are likely to be on point; if not on the day of launch, the day after.

By the way, I'd like to add that it was actually painful to write that Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII preview . Just horrible. Made me want to run into the living room and start a new game of FFVII.

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