I think I've got this fall pretty well planned out; I normally don't have to set schedules for myself but autumn usually demands it. …and for once, I think I'm ready. 🙂

Tomb Raider is rapidly rising up my gotta-see list

When Tomb Raider got big, I really didn't care. It just wasn't my thing. I was as happy as could be with all my wonderful RPGs; if I wasn't playing one of the many awesome offerings on the original PlayStation, I was playing everything from Baldurs Gate to Heroes of Might & Magic to Diablo II to Icewindale with buddies. I didn't really branch out until the PS2 generation, but Tomb Raider still didn't do it for me. Besides the main character, I never quite understood the fascination. I played a lot of them, too; I just never finished any because I wouldn't call them "elite." Bear in mind, though, I never played the first few. Now, I'm all sorts of interested in the reboot, which is slated for March.

Just about everything I've seen thus far has really impressed me, and that includes those behind the scenes vids with Camilla Luddington and the guys at Crystal Dynamics, and that news about the developers not bowing to the pressure (which was completely ludicrous in the first place) and keeping everything the same. Besides, you can call this an Uncharted rip-off if you wish but let's face it, Uncharted was the Tomb Raider of this generation. Lara came well before Drake. The only thing Crystal might "rip off" is that level of quality. 😉

The PSN gets two potentially awesome titles in the next few weeks

You should definitely check out the Store this month, because there are quite a few interesting titles headed our way. The top two on my list are Joe Danger 2: The Movie and The Unfinished Swan . Just these two games are proof of the variety and diversity found in the digital world this generation. The PSN is home to the most originality in my opinion, and something like The Unfinished Swan (which reminds me of a Thatgamecompany production) is just so artistically gorgeous. And I was a huge fan of the first Joe Danger so I can't wait to get going on the second. I wonder if I'll be able to handle those "Joe Danger Gaiden" levels…I got pretty good before, but those levels just sound frightening. The developers themselves couldn't finish them all?! …great.

Personal gaming update

I'm pretty much done with Resident Evil 6 . I swear, I've never had so much trouble writing a review. I was just so freakin' conflicted…I'm not sure the analysis even came out right, or if it helped people make purchase decisions (which is usually my #1 goal). But I did the best I could. I've moved on to XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Dishonored , neither of which I can talk about, but it kinda sucks that the embargo is up on both at about the same time (Monday). You'll probably see the XCOM review first just because I got that well before Dishonored . But of course, as always, right in the midst of the busy time, I get the sudden urge to play a classic. I blame Konami for announcing that Castlevania: Symphony of the Night would finally be coming to the European PSN . Believe it or not, I very nearly caved and started a new game… It's just that amazing.

But work comes first. 🙂 By the way, don't forget that I'll be talking to Playboy's Miss October, Pamela Horton, on Monday and if you've got a question for her, throw it into the Comments section of the original story . No, I have no idea how such interviews happen; they all basically come to me. Also, stay tuned for a Q&A with film composer Ryan Shore concerning his music for the upcoming Spy Hunter (Vita and 3DS). Don't know about you, but I love original scores for games.

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