I can handle it so far but we haven't hit the gigantic games yet. And when I say "gigantic," I mean the ones that are really long, or have a ton of content…or both. I simultaneously adore and despise the fall. ­čśë

The PSN Day 1 Digital program might tell us a lot

I was actually surprised to get the press release outlining that new Day 1 Digital Program that puts just about every huge autumn release on the PlayStation Store the same day the physical copies hit store shelves. And it'll be interesting to see how many take advantage of this…are more people willing to download games like Dishonored and Assassin's Creed III than I think? Logically speaking, unless gamers have upgraded their hard drives, I don't see how anyone can download more than a few of these massive titles. Also, don't forget that many of us have had our systems for quite a few years, meaning there have to be a lot of very full hard drives out there.

On top of that, I'm wondering if a lot of consumers will actually opt for the digital version of a game. Yeah, it's out the same day, it costs the same amount, and you don't have to drive anywhere. Plus, you don't have to worry about a scratched disc or something like that (which hasn't happened to me once this generation, but whatever). But are people really going to go for the digital version when a physical copy is like ten minutes away? I'm really hoping that not many do…but I suppose it's just inevitable.

Joe Danger 2 is coming to the PSN…and I should apologize

It was announced this past week that Joe Danger 2: The Movie is headed to the PSN "soon." Not long before that, I posted the story about this highly anticipated sequel debuting on Xbox Live . What you don't know is that Hello Games boss Sean Murray contacted me, explaining that my theory of his team "jumping ship" and betraying PlayStation fans is largely incorrect. I mean, I think it's obvious that Microsoft did gain the timed exclusivity, which I suppose could annoy Sony followers, but it's not going to be a very long wait, right? He was also worried that I was really serious about maybe being hostile, and he even put in their press release that he said, "If I’ve learned one lesson, it’s don’t ever piss off PlayStation fans."

Long story short, I think we all overreacted a little. PlayStation fans are used to seeing Microsoft use their deep pockets to take things away, and are therefore quick to make possibly unfounded accusations. I have made it clear that I hold nothing against Hello Games and they've even offered to maybe do an interview in the near future. Just wanted to clear all that up. ­čÖé

Personal gaming update

As expected, I'm liking Dead or Alive 5 more than Tekken Tag Tournament 2 . The latter scored a little higher but that's just because I believe it's a slightly better game, and I don't normally let personal opinion fully dictate a score. I think that's wrong in more ways than one. I also think it's hilarious that the fans made Tecmo reverse their smaller breasts idea . And I'm totally behind that, by the way. ­čśë I've tried to get into The Testament of Sherlock Holmes but it keeps making me feel stupid, and not because I can't do the puzzles, but because there's so little direction on how to tackle the puzzles.

Beyond that, I have difficulty getting away from Rock Band Blitz and Borderlands 2 . I expect to see Resident Evil 6 very soon and Dishonored should be here this week as well. Yay!

Lastly, congrats to Snow Nynja (just known as Nynja here at PSXE) for winning the Facebook giveaway ; he has selected Tales of Graces f and that will be on the way to him on Monday or Tuesday. More giveaways are coming, too…I'll have a lot of stuff to hand out! ­čÖé

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