Before I get to the question at hand, a couple points-

Firstly, no, that is not my video game collection. Secondly, all those with only digital collections of games don't count. No, you don't qualify. What you have isn't a collection (no, I'm not bashing digital releases of games; I've got 'em, too, but I'm talking to people who only have little folders on a screen and call it a "library").

Now, for all you gamers out there who are immensely proud of your collections, what makes yours special? Is it just sheer volume? Do you have like a dozen bookcases in your basement that are so jam packed that not a single additional title could squeeze its way on there? Do you have a lot of rare gems that are difficult to find? Do you specialize in old-school, dawn-of-the-industry stuff like arcade cabinets and six thousand Atari games? Okay, maybe they didn't make six thousand Atari games, but you get my point. Or maybe yours is special for a very different and possibly very personal reason.

Me, I don't have a lot. Between Gameboy, SNES, PC, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, Vita, Xbox, Xbox 360, I've probably only got about 200 total. But as of the PlayStation era, I started to adopt one philosophy: A game only earns a place in my collection if it's either, A. Absolutely stellar, or B. I just fall in love with it for some reason. Hence, there are probably a few less-than-stellar JRPGs in the library but hey, that was my thing for a while. And there are also games that I think are amazing, but I just never played a lot. They were simply too good to not have in a collection. This obviously means that if a game is great, I will not be getting rid of it. Ever.

So how's about you?

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