This is always interesting.

These days, with so much information and media floating around for games months and even years before the final product is on store shelves, few who actually do their homework are surprised by the end result.

But just occasionally, we all run across something that surprises us (for whatever reason). Personally, I like the ones that are a lot better than I was expecting, or the ones I knew would be good but didn't believe they'd appeal to me. Others remember the ones that disappointed them but me, I'm more of an optimist and I try and put the disappointments behind me. Besides, I have to say, I really haven't been disappointed by much this generation. There have been so many stellar productions.

So what are some games that totally surprised you? And how? I was shocked at Uncharted: Drake's Fortune ; it didn't really appear to be my kind of game on the surface, and I didn't understand just how good it was until I played it. I'm not sure anyone was expecting such an extreme level of quality, even though I know it was an anticipated title. More recently, I'll go with Darksiders II . I didn't really get into the first one but the second was just so far above and beyond the scope of the first…I was amazed.

In the downloadable world, I have to pick Joe Danger . I was never that much into Excitebike as a kid and the entire concept of JD just didn't resonate with me. But it took only about five minutes of playing to know that the game ruled and I would play it until it was done. Red Dead Redemption is an example of a game that I knew would be great, but I wasn't sure if it was my style… I've always loved GTA but I've never liked the Wild West theme or motif. Don't like Western movies, don't like the books, don't like any of it. But somehow, some way, RDR made me so want to be an outlaw cowboy or something.

Lastly, I'll toss in Borderlands 2 . I know I keep teasing you guys with that, but I was not a fan of the first and the second…wow.