I don't really play anything online. I really don't play games with other people, period.

Basically, 99% of any multiplayer I try is for the sake of reviews, which means I actually spend a lot of time involved in multiplayer action. But no matter what the game, no matter how good the experience is, I invariably return to single-player campaigns (and that does include shooters).

That being said, each year I keep thinking the biggest multiplayer game in the universe might finally sway me to the dark side. This year, it's Call of Duty: Black Ops II and based on everything we've seen thus far, we have to be encouraged, right? Just ask all the happy peeps who checked it out at Gamescom . Now, I have no doubt the multiplayer in that game is going to be fantastic, because that's sort of what CoD does. It's what that franchise does best, obviously.

So logically speaking, if any game could get me involved in the multiplayer world, it would have to be this one, yes? Remember, I have always loved shooters; yet for some reason, I can't stand playing them online. One of the reasons I think the first Red Faction was one of the best PS2 games is because it had a great campaign. I loved RAGE for the same reason. And at heart, I still believe gaming to be a solitary activity (for me, at least) and that's how it will primarily remain. However, after I get started with Black Ops II , I wonder if that will change a little…

Oh, probably not. As I say, I ask the same question every year. ­čÖé

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