September is just about here; more big releases and the Tokyo Game Show. ­čÖé

Yes, the girls in DoA aren't normal…but so what?

I'm sorry, I know I'm probably opening myself up for plenty of flak, but I don't see the problem with those oversexed Dead or Alive girls. At the same time, if anybody wants to make a game with half-naked men, fine. I still say there's a whole lot of exposed beefcake in gaming history; the majority of heroes are the quintessential lantern-jawed, muscular dudes that women tend to like. But the point is, we all know the DoA chicks are unrealistic. We get it. None of us are going, "Gee, yeah, women should look like that!" At the same time, I'm not 100% buying what Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi said in regards to it being "just a cultural thing."

I understand the statement but to those who have a problem with those DoA ladies, it sort of sounds like, "Well, this is just the way we do things over here, so tough." The comment needed to be a touch more sensitive, I think. Still, I don't really think the DoA girls are damaging in some way; I don't see DoA5 being a brainwashing device for anyone, even teens. It's so over-the-top unrealistic that it's impossible to view it as anything but silly, campy sex appeal. Far more benign than things routinely found in movies.

So when FFXIII-3 is announced, will you be excited?

It's probably inevitable that another sequel will be announced this week during the Final Fantasy 25th anniversary celebration. They say to expect Lightning's "new direction" to be unveiled on September 1 and the way the announcement was worded, it's hard to believe it's just more downloadable content for FFXIII-2. And as I said, the evidence is pretty clear . Now, I'm on the fence: I'm somehow a big fan of FFXIII-2…and not a big fan of FFXIII-2. I hate that it's called "Final Fantasy" because to me, that's not what FF should be. At the same time, if I just put that title out of my head and pretend it's a new IP or something, I love it. I still say that game gets 9+ scores from just about everywhere if it simply had a different title.

So in that way, I want FFXIII-3. Still, I'm not sure if Lightning has the endurance and appeal to last through another story. And based on the comments to that questioning article , it seems most fans have the same concerns. Maybe it's an opportunity for the writers to launch her into the "legend" category of the franchise, I don't know.

Personal gaming update

Just playing Darksiders II and Sleeping Dogs , both of which are great. I don't really have much interest in continuing Mugen Souls , although I imagine those who are more into the anime style will really like it. I do plan to give you a Transformers: Fall of Cybertron review this week, and September is looking pretty active. There's Borderlands 2 , which I should also be getting early, and the two fighting games, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Dead or Alive 5 .

Also, if you haven't already, you should pay more attention to our Twitter feed , which has become a lot more active as of late. I'm trying to follow a lot of industry people and personalities, along with developers and publishers, so you should pop in to check out what I might be saying to people like David Jaffe, Jo Garcia, Ian Bogost, Ali Hillis, Jane McGonigal, Jason Rubin, Jenova Chen, Evan Wells, etc. And it's feasible that should I learn something interesting, it may first go on Twitter…

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